Spring 2022

Cleeve Bluebell Wood, Somerset, England
by Helen Tann

Susan Antolin is our guest poet this time. She will be widely
recognized within the haiku community as the current
(since 2012) editor of Acorn, one of the very best journals
focusing on English-language haiku. Her most recent haiku
collection, The Years That Went Missing, earned first place
in the Haiku Society of America’s 2021 Merit Book Awards
and a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award. She is a
former president of Haiku Poets of Northern California
and editor of their journal, Mariposa.

In our autumn 2021 issue we announced that Mary had re-established our website. Since then, she has worked continuous improvements, most notably including a page to present Ion Codrescu’s haiga contributions to Upstate Dim Sum. They began in 2006 and have been an important element of our journal ever since.

It has been a happily busy time for us, with live events becoming possible again. Hilary’s “other life” (composing) is resuming. She was at CAMPGround22 in Florida in March, Washington DC in April (21st Century Consort), and has events in Cleveland in May, Boston in June, and Tanglewood in July. Best of all she gets to visit her family and friends in Wales in early September. I have train reservations for Seattle in October—one more Seabeck conference.

Tom has a new book: a tanka chapbook collaboration with UK poet, Joy McCall, from Stark Mountain Press, a worn chest, available from Amazon for $5.99. And My Red is still available from Brooks Books and has just been awarded a Touchstone Award by The Haiku Foundation.


Sample poems

the click
of the brake lock on her walker
winter morning
Susan Antolin

burying acorns
we all borrow
from each other

late day glow
the time it took
to find you

season’s end
the ice-fishing tracks
fill with water

Labor Day
the new mom’s
minimum wage

death of a drummer
all those songs
about time