Spring 2019

cover image, Spring 2019 issue
Daffodils, Bristol, England by Helen Tann

For a majority of members of the English-language haiku community the name Charles Trumbull is a familiar one. Our guest poet has served as editor for Modern Haiku magazine, as president of the Haiku Society of America, as a director of the Haiku North America conference, and as publisher of Deep North Press. He has written extensively on English-language haiku and seen wide ranging publication of his own haiku. He received the Haiku Society of America’s Sora Award in 2008 and was named an honorary curator of the American Haiku Archives for 2013–14.

It has been and will continue to be a busy haiku spring for me. In addition to my duties as managing editor of The Heron’s Nest, I have judged three haiku contests, and given readings in three venues. I’m currently looking forward to
offering a workshop and reading at this year’s Haiku Circle. Tom was recently interviewed by Barry George for a blog called Poetry Matters and invited by gratefulness.org. to contribute some thoughts and haiku there. He continues
to feel very fortunate to be the curator of the Mann Library daily haiku feature. Hilary continues to enjoy her life as a composer, most recently visiting the UK for a “Beethoven in Wales” premiere. She writes that the daffodils and primroses are in full bloom and that the ivy-and-lichen-covered trees are beginning to leaf out in late March—such a contrast to the bare trees and patchy snow and ice surrounding her US home near Saratoga, NY. And Yu has been busy putting together this thirty-seventh edition of Upstate Dim Sum! For all of these creative opportunities we are profoundly grateful.

Sample Poems

hospice clock
the shadow of the second hand
catches up
Charles Trumbull

a new day
the distance
from last night’s dreams

farm stand
fresh eggs before
a painted cockerel

to darkness
meadow to woods

slanted sunlight
another goldenrod
bends with a sparrow